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Our Story

marine frank.jpeg

Frank McLavy in Vietnam 1967


Frank McLavy now

     From a young age, owner Frank McLavy has had an eye for clothing and a skill for knowing how to dress.  After retiring as Captain in the United States Marine Corps, Frank went on to manage Todd Garland & Co. His first day on the job, he was asked by Garland why he wanted to work in retail, to which he replied, "I want to learn as much as I can about retail because I want to start my own business." After spending much of the 70’s at Garland’s and earning the title of Store Manager, Frank decided to open then McLavy & Easterly with his partner at Garland’s Ed Easterly in 1979. In the late 90’s, Ed moved on and McLavy & Easterly became McLavy Ltd.  

     Since then, McLavy Ltd. has been the one-stop-shop for men of all ages, with styles ranging from casual to formal. Our most popular brand is Frank's private label, "Louisiana Lodge," made with the sportsman in mind and inspired by Frank's love for all things outdoors.  From the iconic animal mounts to the custom cypress fixtures, McLavy’s is a memorable shopping experience like no other.  When you open the door to McLavy’s, you find more than clothing: you make new friends, catch the game, and try Frank's signature cocktail, the Lodge Lemonade.  We are more than a clothing store.  We are a family, and we can’t wait for you to be a part of it. 

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